Net Energy Metering

Learn how electricity flows into and out of a house with a grid-tied solar electric system.

Net Energy Metering On-Site

See how net metering works with a tour of two grid-tied systems with Assured Solar Energy and Insource Renewables.

REC Twin Peak Modules

The standard module for Solarize Freeport 2016 is the REC Twin Peak Series module. This sophisticated module is a cost-effective solution from one of the global leaders in PV technology. REC has a strong reputation for durable products that are manufactured with strong environmental and labor standards.

Solar Edge Inverter Overview

The Solarize Freeport program utilizes SolarEdge inverters as the base option for its systems. In this video, Rob Taisey of Assured Solar Energy discusses the SolarEdge system.

Roof Flashing Installation

The Solarize Freeport program utilizes SnapNRack roof hardware for sealing the roof and mounting the modules. This video shows how this system installs on an asphalt shingle roof. Additional options are available for standing seam and screw-down metal roofs.

Electrical Efficiency

Reducing the loads that drive your electricity bills will make your solar investment even more effective. Join us as we identify some measures that make for easy money.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use electricity to move heat. With recent developments in performance, mini-split heat pumps have become an efficient means for providing heat for homes in Maine. Coupled with a solar electric system, these appliances can provide heat for less than it costs to heat with oil or propane. In this video, Andy Meyer of Efficiency Maine explains the functionality of mini-split heat pumps.

Heat Pump Filter Maintenance

Mini-split heat pumps are easy to operate and maintain. In this video, Matt Wagner of Insource Renewables explains how to maintain the filters to keep these units operating efficiently.

Technical Articles

Solar Site Assessment

Read about the impact of shading on a solar array with this article from the December/January 2014 issue of Home Power magazine.

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Fueling with Sunshine

Not only can solar be used to offset heating and electrical costs, it can be used to energize vehicles. This article from the January/February 2015 issue of Home Power magazine. (Photo courtesy of Home Power)

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Efficient Home Lighting Choices

Lighting can contribute significantly to the total electrical load of a home or business. This article from the December/January 2015 issue of Home Power magazine explores the best application for various types of lighting.

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High Efficiency Appliances

Learn more about appliance efficiency and its effects on your monthly electricity bill. Discover the best approach to shaving kilowatt-hours off your electric bill and make your solar energy system even more effective.

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